Going out of Business Sale - Sidewinder Computers

Sidewinder Computers is closing our doors after nearly 20 years online! Check out our new website and take advantage of 30-85% off EVERYTHING remaining in stock from Fans to Fittings, Tubing, LED lights, Thermal Grease and Pads, Hose Clamps, and a very limited number of Pumps, Radiators and Reservoirs - while supplies last!

Thank you sincerely for being our customer.

The Sidewinder Team
Gary and Remy


  • Gary Stofer

    Thanks for the kind words.

    On the tubing, it was an 8-Pack. Two customers got absolutely smashing deals on 8-packs of that Tubing!

  • Lyle

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry to see you go, but I guess with all that’s going on, its better to go now. It’s been a while since I dabbled and I do still remember the one time you sent me a Christmas card! Was surprising, especially when you answered some of my questions at O-dark thirty!

    Good luck!


  • Paul A Mcgrath


    Title says 8-pack. Description says pack contains 2 × .5m lengths. Which is it, an 8-pack or 2-pack? Thanks

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