Fan Controllers

When you’re a musical performer or sports star, there’s nothing greater than the sound of the fans going wild! However, in the computer world most of us perform in, that sound isn’t quite so welcome. Sidewinder Computers offers a wide variety of fan controllers to help you keep your computer quieter, while giving you the flexibility to scale back on fan speed if the maximum isn’t always necessary. Fan controllers also help you amp up the fan speed when more is needed, such as when you’re performing a variety of heat-generating tasks, or having a gaming marathon!

A case fan controller can be especially important for those of us that work from home, allowing for a serious reduction in fan speed during sleeping hours. If your computer will be working overtime on intensive tasks while you sleep or are away from the office, you won’t want to turn back the speed on your computer case fan controller. Need a solution capable of handling pumps? Our collection of fan controllers offers options to meet your needs. Just need something small for a recreational PC? We have the best, most affordable computer case fan controller for you, too.