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Welcome to Sidewinder Computers, your premiere resource for high-quality computer cooling systems, components, accessories and much more! We strive to bring you the best parts for the best price, from our PC liquid cooling kits to our air cooling kits and accessories. Our business was built on providing companies and individuals with every element necessary to meet their PC watercooling needs, including everything from liquid cooled cases and CPU waterblocks to Tygon tubing and compression fittings. Every part works together to provide you with the solution you’re looking for, we never want you to have to turn elsewhere to complete your set-up.

We continue to regularly add to our lineup, while always focusing on bringing you the best liquid cooling systems and accessories from HEATKILLER®, Swiftech, Aqua Computer, and XSPC. After all, we can offer the best liquid cooling system as well as the best air cooling system, so doing both only makes sense! At Sidewinder Computers you will also find a stellar selection of case hardware, including popular computer cables, case lighting, computer cooling fans, computer power supplies and professional Das keyboards that are simply a pleasure to use.