Mosfet Chipsink 10-Pack (Silver)

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These Silver Microcool MOSFET ChipSinks are ideal for keeping your system component heat under control. Each sink is manufactured to exact specifications, and cut out of a thick, high-quality aluminum for fast dissipation. 

The MOSFET chipsinks are designed to be placed on the power regulators, typically close to the motherboard ATX connector. All ChipSinks come prepped with a peel-off Chromerics T405 thermal interface pad for easy installation. For optimum conductivity we recommend Arctic Silver or Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive. 


  • Dimensions: 12 (L) x12 (W) x18 (H)  mm
  • Material: Extruded Aluminum 6063
  • Coating: Anodized Aluminum
  • Adhesive: Chomerics T405 Thermal Interface Pad
  • Weight: 4 gram

Sold in Packs of 10 for only $2.50