Hose Barbs

Hose barb fittings are the standard method of utilizing today's most common watercooling gear. Hose barbs are simply a fitting with at least one, or multiple, "barbs" designed to push outward on a plastic tube in an effort to keep the tube position constant. Sidewinder Computers stocks barbs in varying sizes from 1/4" ID (inner diameter) to 1/2" ID, and colors from Brass, Shining Silver, Black Sparkle, to Matte Black. After installing barbs on a device, most can be tightened using a deep socket thanks to the hex design built into the barb. Tightening by hand with a deep socket ensures the barb is not over tightened and the o-ring makes a proper seal. After the tube is pushed onto the barb, a hose clamp comprised of plastic or metal is then applied below the ridged barb area on the fitting to ensure a leak-free install.

The material type on all of our barbs is brass or copper. Various plating styles are used, including chrome, matte black, and even .999 Silver for Antimicrobial applications. For a detailed comparison, be sure to check our Fittings Comparison table.