MCW82-W Universal GPU waterblock (White)

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The MCW82 waterblock is a Universal GPU cooling solution designed for today's high-end graphics processors. It uses the same advanced 0.25mm pin matrix as it's predecessor, the MCW80 (similar to the award-winning Apogee™ XT CPU water-block), and features an improved hydraulic design resulting in substantially reduced pressure drop compared to the earlier generation. The block is capable of dissipating the highest heat loads (hundreds of watts) with extraordinary efficiency even at low to moderate flow rates.
In addition to superior GPU cooling compared to any other solution on the market, the MCW82 is also future proof since it retains the same form factor as its predecessors the MCW60 and MCW80. As such it is compatible with most reference design graphic cards (as well as many non reference models), thanks to a host of adapter brackets legacy of the MCW60. New bracketry is updated on an ongoing basis as new graphic cards come out.
As most of today's high end graphic cards also necessitate active cooling for the power and memory components, Swiftech® also offers two different solutions to cool these devices:
  • Full cover heatsinks are available to cool the most popular reference design models. These low cost heatsinks are compatible with the MCW80 form factor, and as users upgrade their graphics card, they can retain the MCW80 while only replacing the heatsink
  • Individual ramsinks such as the MC14 are another convenient method to cool surface-mount components in non-reference models or for those models that are not compatible with the full cover heatsinks.

Features & Benefits

Superior thermal performance compared to "full-cover" solutions

- Because the cooling solution is specific to the GPU module, it is not mechanically dependant of other thermal joints compared to full-cover blocks that must also cool memory and VR's. As a result, the GPU thermal joint is always optimal;

- Same cooling engine as the Apogee™ XT: 0.25mm x 0.25mm micro pin matrix;

Moderate pressure drop specifications

As can be seen in the performance section, the MCW82 is close to its early predecessor the MCW60 in terms of pressure drop specifications

Minimum pressure drop when setup in parallel in SLI or CrossFire configurations

- Hydraulic performance: contrarily to popular belief, setting up 2 restrictive blocks in parallel is a vastly superior solution to setting up in series; in theory (i.e. without acounting for fittings) fluid mechanics show that the pressure drop of 2 of the same blocks setup in parallel is 1/4th that of a single water-block.  By contrast, the pressure drop of 2 blocks in series is twice that a single block; it follows that the pressure drop of 2 blocks in parallel is 1/8th that of 2 blocks in series. In practice though and when accounting for fittings, the pressure drop of 2 blocks in parallel will fall to approximately 1/4th of 2 blocks setup in series. 
-Thermal performance of water blocks in parallel vs. series was also demonstrated in this white paper.
Easy to setup in SLI or CrossFire All that is needed is a couple of simple T fittings !  High-end connections are also possible as documented in the support section. Lower cost of ownership

The block is compatible with most reference design graphic cards (as well as many non reference models), thanks to a host of adapter brackets. New bracketry is also updated on an ongoing basis as new graphic cards come out. As a result, it is likely that you will be able to keep your MCW82 next time you upgrade to a new graphics card.

Performance Data

Thermal performance:  Improvement compared to the MCW60 is comprised between 1.5 and 4 °C or more depending on GPU's and heat loads.