Black Sparkle D5 / MCP655 Mod Dress Kit (BP-D5MA-BK)

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Dressing up show cars, Hot-Rods and Harley Davidson motorcycles with excessive amounts of chrome is standard practice these days. Now the computer enthusiast can do the same by dressing up his or her Laing D5 / MCP655 pump with a slick chrome kit from Bitspower! This kit replaces the largest portion of the plain, black plastic rear with a shiny black sparkle finished casing and seals it with an included black sparkle sealing ring.


1. Easy To Use.
2. Unique Design.
3. Metal Housing Great For Heat Spread.
4. Lower Main Body Vibration.

1. Aluminum:Main Ring And Back Parts.
2. Stainless:Support.

1. Support x 1PCS.
2. Anti-Vibration Silicon DS PAD x 1PCS.
3. Main Ring x 1PCS.
4. Back Parts x 1PCS.
5. 4-PIN Male-Extract Tool.