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92x25mm Ultra High Speed by NMB-MAT (FBA09A12U1BX)

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Over time, the Panaflo name has become synonymous with high quality, low noise cooling fans. Shown here is the 92mm ultra high speed.

Panaflo's unique hydrowave bearing (HWB) addresses the traditional weakness of sleeve bearings: axial friction. By utilizing its unique HWB system, the thrust plate "floats" on a circulating film of oil, which greatly reduces the axial friction and the bearing's deterioration. The HWB pattern on the bearing virtually eliminates thrust plate contact.

As the shaft rotates it acts as a pump constantly circulating the oil in the radial, as well as the axial direction. The sealed system and reservoirs of oil maintain the proper lubrication to minimize mechanical contact and prolong the fan's life exptectancy. The radial direction analysis shown above is essentially the same as a traditional sleeve bearing. Panasonic's unique HWB reduces the axial contact.

Standard features include: 

  • Hydro Wave Bearing
  • Aerodynamic blade and venturi design
  • Locked rotor protection and auto-start function
  • Lower circuit noise via a new IC
  • Easy access to lead wires via plug-in connector on housing
Specifications: 92x92x25mm, 68.8 CFM @ 3450 RPM, 43.0 dBA, 5.16w, 430 mA, 12v DC, 3 pin Panaflo Tail to 3-pin Molex connector. Tachometer is now supported on this model.