Shinetsu 15x15mm Thermal Pads 10-Pack (PCS-TC-11T-13)

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Shin-Etsu's phase change thermal pads soften at 48C and flow into surface irregularities of the heatsink and CPU, reducing contact resistance. The 15x15mm Shinetsu Pads are sold in packs of 10. Back in the Athlon MP and XP days, AMD recommended Shinetsu PCS-TC-11T-13 as a reliable thermal interface. The pictures for this product were for the 25x25mm square pad. The 15x15mm square pad will be suitable for cores shown in the picture or smaller. 


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very low thermal resistance which improves with aging
  • Applying heat and pressure further lowers the thermal resistance. 
  • Excellent initial (assembly) and long term adhesion
  • Excellent process ability and transfer to the heat sink
  • Thermally stable products
  • Available in bulk quantities at discounted rates for OEMs & Systems Integrators

General Properties

Benefit: General Purpose
Color: Gray
Thickness: 130 m (micrometers or microns)
Specific Gravity 25C: 2.5
Softening Point C: 48
Thermal Conductivity W/m C: 3.8

Thermal Resistance C cm2 /W 75 m 0.27
50 m 0.22